Basketball Court Installation

The Enjoyment of a Basketball Court Installation

Sports Court Sydney Pty Ltd is a basketball court installation company with over 22 years of construction experience. We love what we do, and we love the game of basketball. Basketball has a way to bring friends and families together. There is no gender when it comes to basketball. Both guys and girls can play it with ease, and even the disabled can play. Having a basketball court installation in your backyard or anywhere on your property will bring the neighbors over, and the kids will always have something to do. One person can play alone, or teams can be put together for outdoor fun. It will keep the young ones from playing video games all day, as playing basketball will keep the blood flowing. It is also a great form of exercise and brings the excitement of competition. A beginner can catch on quickly, and before you know it, they will be hooked too!

Our basketball hoop systems come in all different sizes and some with added features like a net behind the goal to catch the basketball. If it hits the net, the ball will bounce back, making it easier for the players. More time will be spent playing the game instead of chasing the ball all over the court. The basketball hoop systems are adjustable to the height and deliver the proper angle for slam dunks. The backboards are also shatterproof and made with sufficient material to last a long time. Some come with stands of their own with wheels while others are made to stay in place and cannot be moved. We have basketball hoop systems with lights on them to make the setting more like a professional sport in the backyard. All of the basketball hoop systems can be purchased together or separately. It depends on what the customer wants for the accessories.