Court Tile Installation

More Options Like The Court Tile Installation

Court tile installation is another option for our customers who want a backyard basketball court. A basketball court tile installation can serve different purposes. It can resurface an existing court, or it can be installed as the base court. We can set up commercial or residential courts, and it falls under one of our construction specialties. Tiles are not like laying down concrete or cement. It is not like a turf where everything is laid down in one piece. Tiles come in separate squares and are placed together like puzzle pieces. They are made for different sports other than basketball. There are tile courts made for tennis, hockey, volleyball, roller derby, and other sports floors. We specialize in basketball because that is what we love the most. Basketball court tile installation is made for indoor and outdoor, and the maintenance is very minimal, which is why most people choose this option.

Indoor court installation is usually done with tiles. Whether there is a concrete floor or a wooden floor, our indoor court installation is perfect for playing basketball inside a room or gym. There are different sizes to choose from to fit a room or stadium. For indoor court installation, the floors always have a finish, usually with several coats of wax. The only maintenance is cleaning and stripping, and waxing the floors to keep the shine. How often depends on how much the court is used and how much foot traffic passes through the court. We have indoor court installation in homes where basketball fans who eat, sleep, and dream basketball can enjoy the sport in smaller rooms. They can have an outdoor court and an indoor court to keep the fun going. We are more than happy to oblige and deliver the customer service needed to make their backyard and indoor dreams come true.